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We like that you book directly with us!

As a thank you, you get 150 SEK to spend in our bar and restaurant, to upgrade to a bigger room (if space), or to let us give your 150 SEK to our partner, working for a world free of trafficking.

What do you choose? Tell us when you check in!

Fill in the promo code 150SEK and choose the price ‘Book with us’ when booking, or go directly to the booking through here:

Book with usBook with us

Hotels against traffickingWe at Hotel Flora support Real Stars in their struggle against human trafficking and for Fair Sex

Human trafficking is the slave trade of our time. It goes on every day, right in front of our eyes. Trafficking is a worldwide problem, and victims are used by people from all layers of society.

Real Stars is an independent not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to work for a better world, free from human trafficking. Their message Fair Sex means consensual sex on equal terms, without force or violence, in all situations and for all people around the world.

Hotel Flora has chosen to take an active part in the work RealStars are doing by educating our staff in how to react in situations of suspected human trafficking and prostitution.

Our ambition is to make visible and pass on this message, to prevent criminal acts at our hotel and workplace, and to report suspected crimes.

RealStars works for a better world free of trafficking. We work on a broad front to generate debate and to channel public opinion which is against sex trafficking. Our message is Fair Sex. It means that we think that sex should be on equal terms, without coercion or violence, in all situations and to all people around the world.