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Eating & Drinking

Eating & Drinking

When you are going to eat and drink in Gothenburg, you are certainly in the right place. Flora is located in the middle of Gothenburgs “Fishpacking District” – a whole little world of culinary sensations. The range is big and covers most things from sunny open air cafes to gourmet restaurants. We have made a list of all the best places, that we are happy to share.

Björns Bar




A stone’s throw from the Avenue offers Caleo dishes from Mediterranean cuisine. Take one of their unbeatable cocktails on the terrace together with tapas or “mixed grill platter,” a clear favorite on the menu!


Burgersson met the criteria for a good meal. With organic meat, fresh bread and good atmosphere has Burgersson become one of Gothenburg’s best burger place.

Hello Monkey

Hello Monkey takes the Asian menu in a new and modern level. Booking in advance is recommended to take advantage of this experience.

Dubbel Dubbel

Relaxed atmosphere and affordable menu of Asian dishes. A perfect place for those who want good ingredients, good service and modern feel.



Swea Hof




Mr. P

Champagnebaren Forssén & Öberg

It would be a shame to just pass something called the “Champagne Bar”. Treat yourself to a spa lunch on the weekend together with delicacies from the menu.


Bar Centro

It has become fashionable to enjoy their espresso standing or even sitting on the pavement outside the coffee bar. So it is hard to miss this cafe even though the premises are of the small variety.

Putra Madre

Here you go to not only for amazing margaritas and delicious guacamole. With the slogan “A tribute to the Mexican brothel madam 1918” Puta Madre provides a unique dining experience with its decor, food, and of course heavenly dessert selection.

Magnus & Magnus

Really good food and really good wine is not enough, but it is the combination that is the focus of this unique neighborhood. Magnus & Magnus has distanced itself from fine dine and instead created fun dine with their food,…

Bee bar

Straight to gay, all are cordially invited to climate-smart Bee Bar. There is nothing strange to have to wait for a table as the ingredients in cooking are locally produced. In the evenings, changed the music out of a possible…

Sjuans ölhall

Small pub, however, a major mecca for Gothenburgs beer enthusiast. Select one of the 30 or so varieties and take a seat on utserveringen where you can soak in the sun once it comes up!


Skip Gothenburg Classic “Half Special” at the nearest sausage place, now it will be high quality and great range. Around the corner offers award-winning gourmet sausages, about 50 dogs with all sorts of flavors together with good bread and mashed…


Recharge batteries after shopping with some herring and potatoes. Do not miss Strömmingsluckan which is the big black box between artillery and grandpas.

Da Matteo

After coming in the top 5 list of the best coffee shops, it’s hard to be disappointed with da Matteo. Although this runs the organic and the coffee makes da Matteo a popular venue all year round.


Gothenburg is known as a fishing town, and every city has to have a church. Feskekörkan is headquarters when it comes to fresh seafood. There are also two restaurants and wine tasting. Hallelujah!


It would be a shame to leave Gothenburg without a visit to the Market Hall which in 2012 got itself a facelift. Bread, chocolate, meat, cheese, etc. All possible delights of fine ingredients found within these walls. Here you can…

Flickorna Kanold

One step inside and you find yourself in an Astrid Lindgren story. The range of chocolates and other sweets make it difficult to go out without a box of them. Do you just want to take a break  the cafe…