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Get to know Hotel Flora

Through the years we have acquired a devoted bunch of guests and made a lot of good friends along the way. That is something to be proud and happy about. We're just as proud to be an independent hotel. An alternative to the expected. We intend to keep it that way.

Our story

We are most definitely a family hotel. Me and my husband Daniel run the hotel and have been doing so for two decades.

In the beginning, Hotel Flora had 16 budget rooms, hostel style. But as we grew into hotel owners, and more rooms became free to rent in the building, we slowly developed Hotel Flora into a 4-star hotel with a total of 70 rooms.

Facilities at Hotel Flora in Gothenburg, Sweden
Lamp at Hotel Flora in Gothenburg, Sweden

Since Daniel had a background in the fashion industry, it was natural that many of his friends came to stay with us when visiting Gothenburg. And they keep coming back, so today we have a long list of clothing brands among our guests.

Since these people often travel to show their new collections to buyers in retail, we provide showrooms to meet their specific needs. With all this business trade going on, Hotel Flora has become a vivid place for meeting and business. In short you could describe it like a bunch of creative people in a creative environment.

We have so many loyal and returning guests, and that creates a warm and special kind of atmosphere, that you will feel even if you visit us for the very first time.

We are independent in the sense that we don’t belong to a hotel chain. It is important for us to keep it that way. Since 2009 we are proud to be a member of White Line Hotels, a neat travel edit of private hotels and places to stay.

Even though we put a lot of effort into design, we don’t like to call ourselves a design or boutique hotel. We are more like a home away from home for people who look beyond the big labels.

We love to start the day where breakfast is served just before the daily activities kick off, catching up with all our guests and the rest of Hotel Flora staff. We want our hotel to be a friendly place not only for the guests who have chosen to stay with us, but also for ourselves and all the great people who work for us. Hotel Flora has become a way of life. It’s who we are and what we do and we love it.

Carina Högberg
Ägare och grundare

Hotel Flora in Gothenburg, Sweden


Facilities at Hotel Flora in Gothenburg, Sweden




Bedroom at Hotel Flora in Gothenburg, Sweden

Det har været en fantastisk rejse siden vi startede op med renoveringen af Hotel Flora i 2009, hvor det fysiske ydre blev ændret med ny facade, reception og baren blev de første ting som blev ændret, tankerne har fra start været at skabe små oplevelser lige meget hvor man kigger rundt.

Vi har arbejdet meget med temær, total oplevelser og stemningar. Bl a kan nævnes "The Elton John room" som i den grad bevæger sig i 80ér universets farver. "Lady Flora room" hvor ordet pink/lyserrød må siges at blive taget bogstaveligt, alt tænkelig inventar er very Ladies. Ell "The Rock room" hvor denim og læder gå op i en højere enhed. "The History room" som med bla hjælp af gamle fotos fra Gøteborg blæst op i stor storlek samt farve valg henleder tiden fra før farve tvét.

Vi har fået mulighederne med dette projekt at tænke så anderles og spændende tanker og glæder os allerede til næste etape.

Rasmus Larsson

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