Covid-19 FAQ

Dear Friends and Guests,


It has been, and still are in many ways, un-real times. We have worked out a new set of house rules that we would like to share with you to comply with the virus restrictions and to make sure that Hotel Flora is as safe and comfortable as ever.

To begin with, please stay home if you are sick.  A rule we of course share with our working team.

Please keep a distance of an armlength to other persons at all times. Wash hands often. Cough or sneeze away from others and cover your mouth.

Your room has been properly cleaned with extra attention to disinfecting all surfaces. To keep our breakfast area safe we need to make sure that social distancing is obtained.

We have also made the decision to reduce and spread out the supply of food to make sure to much gathering around the buffet. Hand sanitizer is placed and areas that are often touched are disinfected and cleaned regularly. At check you will be asked what time you would like to have your breakfast in our restaurant. We kindly ask you to keep the time in order to avoid a crowded space. If you wish, we will bring ”Breakfast in a bag” to your door, free of charge. Due to the current situation, we are unfortunately not able to offer breakfast to guests who do not stay at the hotel.

Should you feel sick and need help contacting a healthcare provider during your stay, we are here to help you. If you prefer to contact a healthcare providor on your own, we recommend that you first contact the Swedish health care guide, and they will help you find the nearest care giver and advise you how to act to prevent the spread of infection.

Cancellations Standard cancellation terms and conditions apply. The terms for specific bookings depend on which type of booking you have made. This can be found on your booking confirmation.

If you have made a non refundable reservation and are unable to enter Sweden due to travel bans, the following applies;

If you have made a reservation before 27 March 2020 with our Non Refundable Rate and the stay will occur before and up to *31 July 2020, we will change your reservation to a future date up and until 30 June 2021. If the new price exceeds the original price you need to pay the difference at check-in. Rebooking that results in a lower price than already paid will not be refunded. Contact with your request. Unfortunately, non refundable bookings cannot be refunded. We advise you to contact your insurance company in these regards.

If you booked your hotel stay anywhere else than, please contact the travel agent for information regarding your booking.

*We closely follow the recommendations of the authorities and the travel bans worldwide. The date of the stay may therefore be moved forward.

We most certainly appreciate that you have chosen to stay with us, and we look very much forward to see you around.


With the warmest wishes,


Carina & Daniel